Keiko Matsui and Justin Werner at The Coach House, Orange County

Keiko Matsui and Justin Werner at The Coach House, Orange County

The Coach House in Orange county is a well-known concert venue that has been a stop for many famous performers over the years. In March of 2018, the internationally acclaimed jazz composer Keiko Matsui headlined and Justin Werner gracefully opened the show starting with his occult classic song “Time Makes Me Sing”. The song was recorded in 2015 by his band The Western Collective on their San Diego Award Nominated album "Hearts and Dreams". Justin Later followed up with his song “Milkweed Serenade” from his 2015 album Hummingbird Tree under the name Awakening Magic. Mixed in his set were songs from his upcoming album “Dream Like You Live” set to be released June 2018. 


“It was truly a great honor to open for such a brilliant composer.” says Werner. “Such a warm response from the audience and amazing treatment by the venue.” he continues “I really appreciated the experience and loved playing through their sound system. It was very warm and rich sounding with great clarity”. 


Raw emotional songs are what Justin Werner is known for when he performs his original music. He puts everything into it and his energy takes the audience on a great journey. His unique sound and performance are a breath of fresh air in the current music market. It really shows in him how much he loves what he does and that passion is inspiring.


Justin Werner watched as Keiko closed out her show with the epic song “Forever Forever”. Shaking his head in disbelief he expressed how amazed he was by her songs and the backing band. “The arrangement and song selections were incredible!” says Justin as he makes his way back to the greenroom. “I can’t believe I just opened for such a magical concert” he finally confesses with his guitar strapped to his back. Justin Werner performs mostly in California and you can catch him at a number of San Diego, Orange County and LA venues.


Find him on social media @justinwernermusic and @justinwernerandco.

Justin Werner